Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seward Roadtrip 5/16-17/09

(Driftwood at Lowell Point, Seward, AK)

This past weekend, my BFF MaryKay and I celebrated our birthdays with a little roadtrip to Seward, AK. It's just a beautiful 2hr drive with fantastic scenery along the way.

We stayed at the Seward Resort which is a lower-cost alternative for military personnel and their families, in a nice condo (with or without fireplace) that can sleep up to 6 people quite comfortably.

We ate well, drank adult beverages, walked the boat harbor pretending to boat shop.

(Harbor, Seward, AK)

I have always loved the smell of the reminds me of amniotic fluid...i know..wierd..huh..

Saturday was "opening day" for the summer/touristy/fishing season and was celebrated with a parade, softball games, and street dance with live music. We had a great dinner at "Christo's" across the street from the Alaska SeaLife Center, then drove to Lowell Point and rambled along the beautiful beach for a while. There were sea otters playing in Resurrection can just barely see their heads in these pictures, but trust me, they were there.

Sunday morning we got up early and hiked Exit Glacier. The weather was highly cooperative, with warm, sunny, clear skies. We met several tourists along the way, rambled along the riverbed for a while, and were back to the car by noonish.

On the drive home, we saw other intrepid Alaskans playing outside. There were hundreds of people fishing for hooligan along Turnagain Arm, but what made us stop the car and get out? Kite-surfing!

We watched these folks for a good half-hour to forty-five minutes!

It was a great weekend and a much-needed break from the fam. I think we just may do it again some day! Until next post.....KNIT ON!


junior_goddess said...

BRRRRR! Kite Surfing!! What happens if you get stuck on the flats when the tide goes out? Really.

God, I am an old fart.

Grace said...

what a beautiful pictorial of your trip!

Scrabblequeen said...

It really looks like you two had waaay to much fun! I am truly envious. Who was that hunky guy you all had your picture taken with?

Laura Jane said...

What a lovely set of photos!

Great roadtrip - I love the shot of you with the glacier in the background.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.

TracyKM said...

Wow. All of it. Wow.
Adult beverages. Sigh. Someday...

m said...

righteous babe! wish i'd been there!