Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cosima Capers...crappers!

Months ago I fell in love with Berroco's Cosima pattern.

Showing it to a friend, she said, "yep, that's definately your style". This pattern was not to be found in Anchorage (yes, I even sent DH on a mission for it...and called all the LYSs myself in disbelief). I finally ordered it through Webs and it came in the mail a few weeks ago. Then, had a bag sale of their Seta Lana (50% wool/50% silk chunky weight buttery goodness) and I indulged (ahem) quite heavily. If I didn't say it before, I'll tell you, this is mondo wonderful luxurious buttery fiber. A delight to knit. Amazing, glowing, deeply saturated colors. I decided on the Raspberry for MY Cosima.

I swatched and got gauge on the first go round, with the called for needles NEVER happens for me anymore. Even with a nice blocking, yep...same needles. So I started the back, merrily knitting along, enjoying the pattern, the yarn, the stitching. Just an hour or so each night...We have had AMAZING WARM SUNNY..DID I SAY and other recreational pursuits diminished my knitting time....but anyway, last night I picked up my almost half-finished back and thought to myself..."self..this just doesn't look quite right".

Now, the picture on the pattern only shows the fronts...but one would think that the pattern on the back SHOULD match the patterning on the fronts right? I read through the rather simple, no different chart for the back. I compared and read my knitting against the chart and realized....for no particular reason...that I had just jumped over a big old 22 row section of said chart.

I kind of felt like an idiot...Pearl agreed and gave me a look as if to say "can't help you sister".

So instead of knitting last night. I ripped back a bit more than half of what I'd knitted, replaced it on the needles with appropriate stitch markers, and decided to walk away slowly and start anew another day.

And that's all I have to say about that. Knit on.


junior_goddess said...

I am giggling at your Pearl photo.

I am sorry about the frog that got lose. But it's gonna be awesome.

Scrabblequeen said...

I, too, frogged last night. Must be going around. At least you noticed your error before you were nearly done. (the same cannot be said for me) Doh!

Della said...

Oh my.. the Pearl look is priceless!! LOL

I've started thinking of frogging as just giving me more to knit... which is good... running out of knitting would be tragic!

Holly Jo said...

Oh, no! That is such a sinking feeling! Stick with it because that is an awesome pattern!

Don't look to cats for sympathy. :) I *so* love Pearl. What a gorgeous girl.

Allison said...

You are a brave woman but it will be worth it in the end. That color is GORGEOUS!