Saturday, January 24, 2009

Superwash Bamboo Take Three

Last June, my #1 Favorite on-line yarn shop,, had a bag sale of their Superwash Bamboo a nice worsted weight 65% washable wool/35% bamboo for a crazy cheap price. This is one of their stock yarns but a dye-lot that came out with a shaded or 'kettle-dyed' look to it. I purchased 2 bags of the Shaded Cedar

and one bag of the Shaded Claret. Gorgeous yarns. I started out by casting on for the February Lady Sweater

but ended up ripping out and going down so many needle sizes to get a fabric to my tastes for the garter yolk, that I eventually gave up and frogged the mess. That was "Take One".

I recently decided to join Joan's Fashionably Late KAL and re-started the FLS on appropriately sized needles ('5's for me for the yoke, 7s for the lace) omitted the YO increases, ommitted the buttonholes on purpose.

It's quite least the yoke is quite yummy. I've knit, frogged, reknit, refrogged, the stupid gull-lace pattern 5 times, only making it past 2 full pattern repeats (and it's only a 4 row repeat, 2 of which are purl rows for the love of god) What gives. I can't freaking count. I don't know. So, naturally, it's in time-out for a while. That is "Take Two". And it is a wunnerful color! And I will get back to it when I'm over my fit of pique!

I needed something instantly gratifying, satisfying, something....and then the new free subscriber on-line email SweaterBabe pattern came out! The #74 Top-Down Long Lacy Cardigan. Whoo! Only free for 2 weeks, I quickly downloaded and printed it out. It was just what I needed. And the Superwash Bamboo, 2 full bags of Cedar, held double would be perfect! I swatched and swatched and wet and dried and found the best fabric on size 101/2s.

It's a roomy sweater and with my gauge calculations would make a size large come out just a few inches smaller which would be most flattering. I cast on and am loving the pattern/yarn matchup a lot.

I love the very explicit and clear instructions. I love the M1-R and M1-L that she uses for the raglan increases. They stabilize an area that tends to stretch out or feel less strong. Nice detail. I'm loving the color variations too and the sheen of the Superwash Bamboo. Let's see how this "Take Three" comes out. I'm hoping to finish up within the next 2 weeks!

Knit On!


Joan said...

Yay Lisa! Success. Heading over right now to dl that pattern. Love your claret colorway.

Joan said...

LOL, spoke too soon. Pattern no longer free. Will watch yours progress instead. The yarn looks perfect for the pattern.

Scrabblequeen said...

YOu are a woman of supreme patience. I know my limits, and as a result, have only knit sweaters for babes! You GO girl.

widget said...

You have inspired me - love the yarn link....will investigate if I can get them to send to Australia. Love the projects you knit up - they always look so beautiful.

junior_goddess said...

Hey-just looking at my mail-what do you think about Kaleidoscope in the VK EZ snail hat? Think so??