Friday, September 26, 2008

Back to the Blog...

Hello, anyone there? Sorry to be away so long. I've been working like a fiend with weird back to back and skip a day night calls along with interspersed clinic days. It gets your circadians out of whack! Also, I'm working very hard on "getting out more" with friends and attending to other interests. Winter is just around the corner here....but I still have new blooms daily in the garden.

I just love this freshly opened dewy pink daylily.

In the knit, I'm still working on the Debbie Bliss Drop Collar Cable Jacket in the Rowan Classic Yarns Soft Tweed. I love the feel of this stuff. It's an easy cable knit and really should be finished but..time has been at a premium. Two sleeves and about 6 more inches of back than you see here. Interestingly, knitblogger Philigry , is making the same jacket in the same yarn in the same color. She's almost finished with hers and it has me excited to finish this project!

Don't mind the decaying daisy on the sleeve, how i missed that in the viewfinder I'll never know!

As many of you have shared, parenting a teen who's turning into an adult really forces you to examine your own personal goals, values and interests again. And adjust as needed. It's a time to reconnect with your partner. While the man and I are pretty good at connecting, after almost two decades sometimes we get lazy. Sunday,though, we dressed up and attended the wedding of one of my good work friends, Rose. It was held on the lake at the Elks Club in Palmer. I made 4 dozen deviled eggs. Everyone brought food, there was dancing, and of course, the bride was stunning. A typical rainy but beautiful fall day in Alaska. I don't have permission to show pics of the bride, but the man and I cleaned up pretty well so I'll share this self portrait.

We are enjoying a cool and rainy fall. No frost yet, but high 30s at night and mid 40s to low 50s daytime. The leaves have turned an incandescent shade of gold. This is my favorite time of year. My backyard mountain (Bear Mountain) never disappoints.

no matter if it's sunny,

or cloudy, you can always count on the mountains. My backyard view reminds me of an old methodist hymn that went something like..."I will lift up mine eyes to the hills, to the hi.ii.ii..llls...for that is where my strength co..oo..mmmes from...
anway, that's what always runs through my mind in a pure clean singing voice when I'm hanging out in the yard and happen to look up.

I'll wrap this post up with a little garden cat action. Butt (short for Butterscotch) the Ear-Sucking Cat,

and his best bud Bella Blue (dont'cha just love that alliteration? hah!) have fun times hanging out in the autumn splendor.

I have grocery shopping with Grandma Clara this afternoon, and am planning to kick back and watch the first season of Dexter, do some knitting, and read a little more of the fun Stan Nichols trilogy "Orcs". Next couple weeks' schedule is much kinder, so I'll be back in touch soon. Until then, Knit On!


Philigry said...

beautiful photos. your kitty is so sweet!

Krista M said...

Oh, I love the mountains. I grew up on the beach, so the ocean doesn't impress me like it may some, but when I saw my first mountain (on my honeymoon), I was blown away!

Minnie~Knits said...

that pic of Bella Blue? Stunning!
All the pics are great; you and hubby look very cute!

Scrabblequeen said...

Well then...must be wedding season, eh? Here's hoping your craziness will back off a bit soon and allow more knitting, more reading, more connecting, more time to be amazed at how much work teen-agers can be. Remember when we thought it would get easier as they got older?

CatBookMom said...

Yummy photo of you and The Man. And of the furkids. Bella Blue has become a totally gorgeous cat, and I have such a soft spot for marmalade cats.

One of the things I miss about Denver is the beautiful views especially when the trees turn that glowing gold, perfectly offset by the dark greens of the evergreens. Thanks for sharing.

Joan said...

You make AK so enticing, Ms Lisa. I don't envy the parenting being a former hellacious teen. Gorgeous sweater!