Saturday, August 02, 2008

....Something Old, Something New

At the end of summer last year, I started the KPS NeckDown Wrap Cardigan. I was at one of the girl's horsey events in Palmer. I realized too late that I'd forgotten to bring a bag of knitting! While things were quiet I zipped over to Fantastic Fibers and purchased the pattern, needles, and enough Cascade Quatro to do the job. Easy pattern. Seamless. Plain stockinette. The only fun was the shaping and the cool edging. It...was...boring. very very very boring. And although I had completed the front and back and started on a sleeve (which incidently changed gauge a bit when changing from circ needle to double-points for the sleeves), my eye was caught by something flashier, lacier, quicker to knit, whatever...and the KPS has languished in the time-out corner these past several months. Happily, during this little 2 week staycay, I cleaned out my WIP basket and decided it was time to finish this cardi. So I did! Just in time for a fall wardrobe pick-me-up.

And now here's the finished project......

Such a simple and classic knit. Close-up of the details....

Butt the cat also wanted in the photo shoot..

Pattern-Knitting Pure & Simple KPS Neck-Down Wrap Cardigan
Yarn-Cascade Quatro-100% wool
Needles-AddiTurbo size 8s, KPO size 8s, Brittany doublepoints size 8s

This is truly no-brainer TV knitting at its finest.

I bet you thought this was a clever something old/something new thing huh...not so..

The sweater was something old...but this is something NEW!

With the high price of gas (>$4.50) and my 70 mile RT commute, and a newly licensed driver in the household, we bit the bullet and got a new car. It's a 2009 Subaru Forester. Sunroof. Seatwarmers. 5 speed manual transmission. Front/side/curtain airbags. Best safety rating from Consumer Reports. Oh yeah...I'm loving it too.
Knit on.


Scrabblequeen said...

What a packed post! Car looks like a good thing, finished sweater is great for several reasons, too. And it seems you look very nice also. Did you do something different with your hair?

Suzanne said...

Wow!! Love the car and the sweater is gorgeous!!!

Firefly Nights said...

Suburus are great cars. Hope you enjoy it. Your new sweater is lovely.

Saw a Weather Channel program over the weekend on the big Kodiak earthquake back in the '60s. Decided that Alaska is a nice place to visit but not live. I guess I can keep on putting up with the thunderstorms.

Jennifer said...

Love the sweater.. and I love knitting with Cascade --makes for a warmy cuddly whatever you knit.

Have a good one and enjoy the new car.

AlisonH said...

Suburus were like the semi-official state car of New Hampshire when we lived there, back in our snow days before we moved to California.

Your sweater is lovely, and your photos are exquisite. What a beautiful place to live!

Anonymous said...

LIsa, Love your new wrap sweater. Looks perfect on you!
Car is a grand addition and will serve you all well! You do beautiful knit work! Hope to meet up with you someday.

Holly Jo said...

KPS patterns make such great end products, but oh the miles of stockinette stitching! It looks fabulous on you.

Seat warmers in February. Perfection.

junior_goddess said...

A new Sube! Since we got DH something smaller, he spends 70.00 less per week on gas. The car pays for itself.

I LOVE the color of your new kitchen. I think it will look ABSOLUTELY GREAT when the winter is upon you. Good choice. I am trying to decide if I need to paint a color in my kitchen. I might just enjoy the awesome newness of all new everything. Hope I don't f-up and burn stuff!

Your sweater looks great, good fit, and how nice to have a 'new' garment fall in your lap. Enter it in the State Fair???

Allison said...

I love the new car - are you going to let the new driver drive it? The sweater is gorgeous. Too bad it was boring but it sure looks great on. And yes - I know what you thought when you saw the lizard . . .

CatBookMom said...

Loved my '84 Subaru; I'm thinking the 2008 will be a fun and dependable car.

You're looking good, and so is the wrap sweater!

PS - I've been working my way through a second reading of Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak mysteries, so there's been lots of time with the big maps of Alaska. Now I know where Mat-Su is, along with Bristol Bay, Wrangell, etc.

Svetlana said...

Lisa, you are such a good writer! I always enjoy reading your blog and every time I read it I tell myself to come more often. Congratulations on the new car! Your new cardi is beautiful!


smariek said...

The sweater looks great on you, it's a good fit.

Yay on the new car. I have a Subaru too and am glad I chose one. Love love love seat warmers. DH doesn't get it and still think that's optional. I don't think I'll ever get a car without seat warmers from now on. Of course you'll probably make more use out of them than I do with mine, lol.