Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Knitting & A Big Thank You

Thank you all so much for your kind words of comfort in the loss of my beloved 'Lulu'. As with all changes, we are slowly adjusting to a new 'normal' for our family. I was so surprised at the sheer number of comments and the outpouring of support. You are all wonderful. If I haven't PM'd you my thanks yet, know that I will eventually catch up.

I have been doing a little knitting lately. No brainer knitting is about all I can handle right now. I finished the first of a pair of Broadripple socks in's Esprit. Knitting them up just like the pattern on size 3 dpns. I'm liking them just fine. Will probably gift this pair to one of my favorite L&D nurses who is leaving to take a position in Hawaii (to be near her AF man)soon. Hope to have these finished up by the weekend.

Have had company the past week. Grandma Clara's sister and niece came to town and we've been doing all the touristy things. I'll try to post some of those pics later in the week.

Again, thanks so much for your thoughts and well wishes. Until next time, knit on.


Scrabblequeen said... there's a change for you; Alaska to Hawaii!! Nice looking socks girl.

Grace said...

love the colors of those socks even if I am not a big Esprit fan, and wow your Governor is trying to spread her wings too!! Good for her, think about you often, Hugs G

smariek said...

Pretty sock, I can't believe you call sock knitting no brainer knitting. Perhaps I might see that if I ever attempt one. Esprit... was there a bag sale somewhat recently? did I miss that? Hmm...