Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Brief Check-In

I've taken the past week off and will have next week off as well in order to catch up on some of the remodel tasks we're doing ourselves, along with a little recreation time.

A few days ago I cleaned out the UFO basket with the motto of "Frog or Finish". Anything that was marginal or had a major error was frogged with glee. As you can see, I often try to color coordinate my projects with the local fauna :) There goes the Roped Shell.

The subfloor in the kitchen and dining room has been rebuilt, the drywall was hung and mudded and textured. On Friday, I primed and on Saturday, the man and I painted. The color is called "Tomato Bisque" and yep, it's a rich creamy red orange. We have enough windows in the dining room and living room to keep it looking light and open. The cabinets will be cherry and the granite countertops will be black and silver with bold waves of rust throughout. The new appliances are GE Profile series in brushed stainless. The lighting will also be brushed stainless.

I keep my knitting close by to decrease the stress of this major (expensive$$$$ which kills me because you KNOW how cheap I am!) remodel. One UFO which I decided to keep was the KPS neck down wrap cardigan I started last August. It was such a boring knit that I only got the front and back and part of one arm started before ditching it. However, I love the color and finished another entire sleeve while waiting for the primer to dry. Looks like I may have the other sleeve and maybe even the belt ties finished before tomorrow.

OK, I know you are just dying to see what's in the box the sweater is resting on. Yep, the cabinets were delivered...they'll be installed Wednesday after the electrician finishes on Tuesday! Here's a little sneaky peak of the gorgeous cherry! I'm getting excited....can you tell! I may even be able to cook in my kitchen by the end of August!

Off to the downstairs little kitchen to bake Grandma Clara a German Chocolate Cake. Today is her 87th birthday. We'll be heading out to dinner later on. I'll post more and pics and all later today or early tomorrow. Until then, knit on!


Scrabblequeen said...

A very Happy Birthday to Grandma Clare! I wish I still had my grandma, sniff, sniff. Enoy your "new" house.

Aim said...

Wow, that kitchen is going to be gorgeous! Love the new cabinets, love the paint color!!! And a happy b-day to your granny!

p.s. Lisa I tagged you. See my blog...

Firefly Nights said...

Will love to see the results of the remodel.