Friday, June 20, 2008

Remodel Hell

It's been a while since i posted. Lots of stuff happening these days. Alaska summer (or at least what passes for same up here). It's been very cool and overcast mostly. A few sunny days here and there. The garden is trucking perennials.

I miss my kitchen/dining room/living room. I really hate living in chaos. I know it will be worth it and gorgeous when it's done, but gee, once things are torn out, you find more problems that need to be solved...such as...rewiring to code....subfloor support beams nailed in 1/2" lower than 2 other i guess it really wasn't earthquake/ground shift or whatever that caused our dining room to not be level with everything else on the first floor. Our house was built early 80s.....economic boom times here...not a lot of building code enforcement. sigh. oh well it will be done correctly now. just more delays in the final project.

But...I've been moaning about it for so long, I guess I'll share my misery.

Here is my galley kitchen with pass-through to the living room in the before pics. Nice , workable kitchen but the tile floor was cracked the length of the kitchen (definate earthquake related) and the counter tiles were cracked, some broken, grout coming out in little chunks all over, a bear to keep clean. The cabinets were OK but again, old, coming apart in places, a drawer door was gone, appliances were functional but not efficient...

We tore out the wall/passthrough between kitchen and living room, and will replace the tile kitchen floors and the old hardwood floors (remnant small pieces) in the living room with wide red oak plank flooring across the entire open sweep of kitchen/dining/living room hallway. Much more open and spacious...much cleaner feeling (if you don't count all the crap shoved into the living room right now..yuck!)

It will come to's just my patience that is getting a good workout.

Hope you and yours are enjoying the season. More soon.


Scrabblequeen said...

I'm sure it will all be awesome and worth it when it's done. In the now time...hang on and hope! Love the garden.

smariek said...

Looks like most of the dirty/dusty part is almost over. It should get better as you're putting things in place, right? All this will be worth it when you see it completed. I can't wait to see it.

We thought about remodeling the bath & kitchen in our new house before we moved in but we had to consider cost and decided to put it off. Then the inlaws recently remodeled their bathrooms and are now doing their kitchen. Looking at how disruptive it is, I think we should have done ours before mving in, now I think it will be decades before we touch either.

Holly Jo said...

Your garden looks beautiful! Didn't it really perk up after those two days of sunshine? I know my flowers did.

The kitchen/dining/living really will be awesome when it is over. Very open. Best of luck.

Arctic Knitter said...

I'm sure you'll love your new kitchen when all is said & done - hang in there; it'll be worth the effort & chaos!

Love the garden - so beautiful! I'm missing the pretty Alaska perennials about now!

Joan said...

The remodel will be well worth it. Would love an open floor plan myself.
Beautiful little square you did there.