Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Summer Fun

Like everyone else in Ravel land, I have become, obsessed..with the February Lady Sweater. I tried casting on from stash in 3 different no avail. After 3 sets of 6" of garter stitch...I was not happy. I decided to order some old standby Peruvian Highland Wool in one of my favorite colors "Fiddlehead Green". Logging on, I noted a bag sail of "Superwash Bamboo Shaded Solids" (sold out or I'd link you...70% superwash worsted and 30% bamboo" in a kettled-dyed look shaded solid (my favorite flavor of solid color thank you!). The price was fabulous at $14.85 for a 10-ball bag. And the colors...a gorgeous "Cedar" and "Claret" caught my eye. They arrived on Friday and were cast-on at hospital Friday night. Look at the subtle color changes, admire the silk-like sheen of the bamboo!!!!

The yarn is soooo soft..I'm totally in love with the knitting of it....a nicely, smooth twisted 4-ply with the sproingyness of wool, the slightly more fluid drape/hand of bamboo, and much much softer against the skin than I'd anticipated. Like merino soft. Yes, the Cedar cried out to be February Lady Sweater.

Still waiting for summer weather's been mostly cool (50's...which is why I can work with wool...I saw you southern/western folks cringing!)
a little rainy, cloudy to partly cloudy. I like it but wish for a touch more sun for the sake of Vitamin D and mood and all. All the gardens are lagging about three weeks behind normal. It's effected several vendors at the local farmer's markets. As a gardener, I don't mind too much and am optimistic that this will just segueway into a longer cool autumn (equates with longer growing season here) instead of an earlier winter. Here are a few shots from my garden as of today.

The Siberian Irises are spectacular this year (year 4), as are the Trollius (year 3).

This bed is so far behind...and it gets as much sunlight as the others...

one thing I've noted lately, as my child begins her launch into the bigger role as a parent is shrinking acutely. it truly is a sense of loss...the question of "what do i do now" looms. it's a transition for everyone, and even though it's still quite a ways off before the cords of dependence are severed, they are certainly stretched. it can be quite uncomfortable at times.

how do i change my focus? i have hobbies (ok..obsessions)..a rewarding career...a good relationship...I am blessed beyond my wildest hopes frankly.....and yet I feel unsettled. Have you experienced this? How did you get through it? What did you do?

Knit on.


CatBookMom said...

Glad that you snagged some of the bamboo bag sale items. It was pretty much over before I even knew about it. The colors look wonderful, and, if the quick sell-out is any indication, Elann might do very well by intentionally dyeing some of this yarn in the 'irregular' way.

Your garden looks lovely, even if it is behind. I covet some of the Siberian iris, but I don't know how well it would do here in SoCal.

Scrabblequeen said...

YOur sweater is happy, you're happy, and the garden is coming along nicely. As to parent role question, I ask it of myself quite often. Answers are slow to come. Hang in there.

Holly Jo said...

Your garden is beautiful! Despite the colder weather and lack of sunshine, it has flourished.

wow. You are so on the other end of the parenting continuum than me. Best of luck. Someday I will miss them? Parenting seems like an all or nothing deal.

Minnie~Knits said...

I love the look of your garden!

Having no kids, I can't relate to the other stuff...
I think the important thing would be to focus on the fact that you are successfully raising a smart daughter!

Grace Yaskovic said...

ANd it never ends, once a parent forever a parent, the ups and downs I have on a daily basis with my three would make anyone pray for Dramamine (or my personal fav XANAX) When I feel unsettled, I stash dive and find a new project, I have Tom take us too a new restaurant, We try a new wine and snuggle deep under the covers, sounds like someone needs an endorphine release!!! I could be way off base and if I am I beg forgiveness, just trying to be cute and lighthearted here!!! Hugs!

DH said...

DH likes that Grace and her idea of the endorphine release! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, at first the empty nest is a little sad, but it's great seeing your young ones gain confidence and experience out in the world. Also, it's great having more time for yourself - to just BE - and best of all hubby and I have rediscovered the joyful, playful part of our relationship. It will remind you of the early, carefree days!

smariek said...

It looks like a lot of people are working on the FLS. It looks beautiful in your garden, and I the "shading" doesn't look bad at all.

You mean the first thing on your mind WASN'T how to turn her room into an extra yarn closet?! :-)

It'll be many years before I get to that point, I wonder how I will feel about it.

junior_goddess said...

Hah. My word verification is peedo. huh.

Well, I noticed that, as difficult as it is, you have to start learning to do things for yourself. Not everything you do needs to be for la kiddos-and it often is from birth to 18ish. I went out and made FRIENDS that didn't care whether I had kids. Instead of my kids' friends' moms.

fuzzywhitedogs said...

Wow, the cedar is SO beautiful! You can almost feel its softness in the photo!

On the kids question - for me it was a VERY difficult transition. I'd suggest getting together with friends a bit more, that helped me a little. I also got a dog to "baby" & that helped a lot.

Also remind yourself that in a few years (when she becomes a mom) your DD will suddenly "need" you again, & you'll bond again, just on a completely different level (at least that was my experience.)