Thursday, April 24, 2008


I took a day of personal leave this week to haul the Grannymeister around for her prosthodontics appts. (denture realignment) and to make sure the corporation doesn't start cashing out my leave. Hate that. With taxes it really is so very not worth it. I accrue 5 hrs. paid leave each week now. How crazy is that? Seriously I could just work 35 hr weeks from now on out and get full I've tried to schedule it, 1a week off out of every 2 months...but sometimes it's nice just to have the extra time. I've had 3 straight days off in a row, I have a half day of clinic tomorrow, then an overnight L&D as midwife du jour (or nuit as it were) then back to 2 full clinic days and 2 L&Ds next week.

How did I spend my time other than with the Grannymeister? Weeeellll...I've worked on and frogged a few rows of the Forest Canopy.

Gosh I love this yarn, so very very autumnal!

I worked on Haiku in Plymouth Jellybean for Miss Kate's 3rd birthday. (Kate is the daughter of one of my backup OBs. Despite all efforts, she just happened to be born by C-Section on MY she's my forever birthday buddy. Easy pattern and the Jellybean is fun to work with. Being 3yrs old...pinkandpurple is her favorite color. And she LOVES to wear sweaters.

I decided to try something new and purchased a new knitting book, needles, and yarn
(hey it's sock yarn so it doesn't count..right?)

I watched "Juno" with DD. A really lovely movie about a pragmatic pregnant teen. If you have a teen at home, I encourage you to watch it with them...and discuss!

I meandered outside a bit and cleaned out one of the perennial beds. Can you believe how much greenery is showing after just 48 hrs of warm(er) weather? I wore SHORTS and SANDALS today (hey, it was in the high 50s!)

For comparison, here's the same bulb from yesterday 24 hrs after the last shot! Yeah, we're full daylight until around 10pm now.

I finished reading "Someone Knows My Name" by Lawrence Hill. Excellent read. Highly recommend it to anyone.

DH has PROM tomorrow night. OMG! Emergency mission to Fred Meyers for pink sparkly eyeshadow and charcoal sparkly eyeshadow and pink iridescent nail polish. I drew the line at haircolor though...she's only a sophomore and her last dye job (rich dark auburn) still looks fine. She's going with a group of horsey friends. Her first prom...I'm so verklempt!

Gratuitous Bella Blue photo from today. Hey Minnie...Siamese are notoriously doglike. She plays fetch. She carries her toys around in her mouth. She is constantly following me or the girl around.

And lastly, here's darling old girl Tallula! I never can take a good picture of her but I guess all the photo gods were smiling today.

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful support and comments from post before last. I've replied to some of you individually, but remember, I have no social skills cuz I was raised by wolves and all. So even if you don't get a personal message back from me, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate and HEART you all! Well, it's just about time for dinner. Tonight I made lemon-garlic turkey tenderloin with pea salad and cantaloupe slices on the side.

Until next time...Knit On!


Tara said...

Okay, I'm going to have to break down and see "Juno" because of your stamp of approval. I was a bit afraid that it was a glorification of teen pregnancy, so I'd been timid about watching it.

Wow! You've really been knitting lately! It's good to see that the snow is melting and that you are getting some Spring around there. Enjoy it! We're already soaring into the 80's here. We have two types of weather here: roasting hot and rain. Oy.

Anonymous said...

I don't think DH has a prom to go to at his age. You mean "DD" But thanks for the kind thoughts DW. Did you forget i am on assignment? I have not been gone that long. DH will be home Sunday night...what was the line from that movie, "are you ready for me baby?"

Holly Jo said...

As I type this, we have received 4 inches of snow! That makes me so sad for DD's prom - she'll have to slog through the snow looking so beautiful. Can't wait to see your Forest Canopy blocked.s

Milly said...

Tallula is beautiful, is she a wolfhound?
My mom let me have a purple stripe in my hair for Jr. Ring Dance. Oh many years ago was that?! Yikes!

smariek said...

So exciting. How was prom night? I don't want to think about how long it has been for me. I can't wait to see how you knit two socks at once. It looks a bit tricky from that book's cover. I still have yet to try my first single sock, maybe I should try that tiny sock swap thing that Suzann is doing. I love the colors in your Forest Canopy.