Friday, December 28, 2007

Catching up....

I seriously must figure out something to do with this hair! Ack.

As the new kid on the block at my new job....and short by 2 full-time CNMs...and it being the holiday season....i've ended up working lots of overnight on-call (as in you live at the hospital) shifts lately. Starting Dec. 16th, i've not had more than 24hrs consecutive 'home' time until today! The best part of that however, is besides my passion for babycatching, (and I had the wondrous privilege of catching 2 on Christmas Eve and 3 on Christmas morning...gotta love that!) I get to indulge my passion for knitting (between charting, and reviewing monitor strips, and assessing and admitting or discharging patients, and checking the progress of laboring moms, providing support and encouragement and a good scolding to useless sleeping or generally unhelpful family/friends in the audience, and (heart!) catching babies (heart!) So anyways.....I was able to begin and finish up several smaller projects like:

Simple Seaman's Cap in Superwash Highland Wool Chunky for my Secret Santa...the illustrious Dr. McGrumpypants. Thanks for the pattern link Grace, it was a quick, easy knit and the yarn was delightful! Softer than I expected and a plush hand worked on size 8s. No photos good daylight lately (although we are increasing by seconds to a minute daily now! whoohoo!) But he seemed most appreciative and as a skier and hockey player, I'm sure he'll get some good use from it.

Also finished up the 'teaser' from last post. You'll get full body shots this weekend after i get her seamed! All i can say is it was a totally impulsive and compelling of those...the pattern hit me right at the right time and the yarn was sitting there saying 'hey...look at me...' and before you know it...badda bing...10 days later, a whole new sweater...all for selfish moi!

I've also gotten almost halfway through a pair of socks for an upcoming swap. These are the Fancy Silk Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks in Cherry Tree Hill's Supersock. I slightly modified the cuff. This is the first time i've ever knit socks for another knitter so i'm a little nervous honestly. But i'm doing my best and hoping that she has a kind spirit....and if not, what the hey, she can gift them along or donate them somewhere right?

Speaking of swaps, i received my mystery swap package from Wendy! It was amazing! The theme she chose from my "hints" was 'hot and spicy' and each item was wrapped in bright red/orange tissue with a dried chili pepper or cinnamon stick ornamenting the packet! Such care in the wrapping boded well for care in the choosing of giftiness and i was not disappointed at all! She sent me totally new experiences in chocolate spiciness! A bar of Lindt Chilli Dark Chocolate. Swoon. help me back up. This was (notice the past tense ;0) the best thing i've ever tasted. in. my. life. absolute new favorite. hands. down. Chili enhanced hot chocolate drink...yummmmmmmmm....Chai tea....mmmmmmm....cinnamon incense...ahhhhhh.....chili pepper seeds...which i will plant indoors in march...cannot wait!!!!!! chili and pepper cookbooks ....and gorgeous wonderful extremely generous very beautiful yarn and patterns and (gorgeous brittany birch crochet hook) and needles to make my choice of the scarf patterns! Wonderful....i cannot wait to start.....hope you can make out the gleam of the just sings and will be most flattering!The lighting this time of year makes it almost impossible for me to take a decent photo.Thank you rock!

Lastly, we had a lovely holiday at home with the man's best guyfriend joining us for dinner. Prime rib, country style green beans with new potatoes and bacon, brussel sprouts with toasted pecans and balsamic vinegar/brown sugar dressing, crescent rolls, spinach/mandarin orange salad, assorted pickles olives relishes etc. I thought of you Joan when I made French Silk Pie and Coconut Cream Cake for desserts(along with the lemon bars, caramel fudge bars and sugar cookies!)Our longtime neighbors gifted us with ice candles at the end of our steep driveway and outlining the sharp curve around the road between our houses. Over 40 2 1/2 foot tall pillars with a lighted candle nestled down inside. stunning. the photos don't do it justice so you'll just have to imagine it.

Everyone seemed to like their handmade gifts.

DD was thrilled and wore her set out with friends the next day.

My gifty highlights included The Harmony Guides which are just wonderful and a nice complement to the BW treasury with somewhat clearer instructions at times (please no throwing things...i'm a big BW fan too...but you must admit..noh..ok...moving on)

and...drum roll please.....

the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine from the little Grandma Clara bless her heart. She and the man were in total crossed paths on this one! Both of them decided on it independently, he went and got it without her knowing about it, then she had me take her to the store and get one...which i promptly forgot about until the day before Christmas...and i mentioned it to the man...well, the look on his face really cracked me up and needless to say, I'll pick up the row counter and maybe the extender board with the return. My family is too wonderful and goofy sometimes. He also picked out a fantastic new ornament for me for the tree! A midwife in scrubs holding a newborn, how thoughtful is that?

Grandma Clara seemed to have a good time too, although I know she was homesick for family in Oklahoma. I think she really likes her new red velour pantsuit though!

Sorry to be such a neglectful blogger lately. I appreciate all of you who haven't given up and keep stopping by from time to time...and as always, I appreciate all of your comments!...hope to get on a bit more regular bloggy track in the new year. Well, until the next post, here's hoping you are having a blessed and peaceful holiday season!

PS: hair suggestions are always most appreciated!


kellygirl said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Your DD looks great in her hat and mitts. They came out great. And, you scored in the knitting department! Let us know how the bond goes.

Have you thought about a modified, layered bob that would frame your face? I think it would look really nice. Nothing as stylized as the annoying spice girl (V. Beckham)or as drama'd up as Katie Holmes but something along those lines--short in back and tapering longer toward the front. You'd be able to tuck the front behind the ears if need be but it would be too short to do the ponytail--which I'm guessing you are trying to get away from. I dunno, just a thought.

Allison said...

Everyone looks so happy! Great job on everything. That hat and glves for DD are perfect.

TracyKM said...

I bought my parents a slightly used ISM (the older version of the USM) for Christmas. I have a similiar machine (and two other, different gauge machines), and LOVE it. THere's a Yahoo group incrediblesweatermachine which is very helpful for newbies. We often recommend offering chocolate to the USM goddess :)

Laura Jane said...

Hey Lisa

Great to hear I'm not the only midwife who scolds layabout family in the birthing room. Gah! Bane of our lives. Its not a side-show people!!!! Nice to see some little ones into the world to celebrate Xmas. Their families are always so happy to see them in time for Chrissie. I worked New Year's and it was a pleasant atmosphere waiting for the last 2007/first 2008 babies. The parents enjoyed it.

Chilli chocolately goodness does sound pretty appealing,.

On the hair front I, too, would recommend some layers but with length for putting up under scrubs for work. Versatile y'know. And maybe enriching the colour with some tonal highlights, a whisker darker/tawnier.

Anyway - Happy New Year! Keep up the FABULOUS knitting!