Thursday, July 19, 2007

I need some WEEKEND please!

Yes, there is knitting content...not much granted...but some.
On the baby front it still seems to be raining babies. July is ALWAYS a busy month, maybe it has something to do with advent of winter, first snow making folks feel all snuggly cozy like...whatever. Was the "Midwife du Jour" at hospital Tuesday day (I usually don't work day shifts on purpose but that's the way the schedule came out). deliveries in 12 hours..stayed over another hour and a half to finish the paperwork. Talk about roller skates. It just felt like I was finishing in one room and being called to the next. "Hello, nice to meet you, Lisa W at your cervix"....sheesh! Full clinic yesterday with 2 new admits to the treatment program so another super busy day. I'm supposed to be inducing one of my moms who is now 41 and a half weeks but all the labor beds are full...we'll check back at noon...and then reschedule to tomorrow if she doesn't kick in on her own. She's had 2 days of misoprostil ripening so we'll see...I'm not a big fan of pitocin inductions without ripening...just increases the c/section rate...unless you've already had a section...then there are other ways to get things really don't want to know.

We've had beautiful sunny skies and 70+ degrees the past few days. The garden is in full bloom. I've never really chronicled the bloom progression so this is my garden diary as well as knitting diary these days.
First lily bloomed yesterday. The orange ones. There are lots of other colors interspersed throughout the garden, everything from yellow to ivory to magenta to wine to bicolor stargazers. We'll have lilies through September.

I couldn't remember when the Eidelweiss was supposed to bloom. Glad to see it back...always makes me think of that song from "The Sound of Music". I love how the silvery tones provide contrast in the front borders and seem to really accent the white of the Shasta Daisies and white Columbine.

And one of my personal favorites is in great shape. I love Delphiniums. It's always a crap shoot as to whether the rains will make them too top heavy and snap their fragile stalks before they fully bloom. I have every shade of blue to purple planted in a 6ft by 3ft swathe outside the dining room window to enjoy from the inside as well.

See, knitting content as promised! The Sea Silk scarf is coming along nicely, even if I don't have much time to work on it. Such a great marriage of fiber and pattern in my opinion. The drape is incredible! Can't wait to get it finished and blocked. This will be a great gift scarf!

And here's just the cutest picture of DD's BFF and her mini, Danny, cooling off during the HeatWave on Tuesday.

Lastly, here's DD and friend from Barrel Racing last night. Hey Benne, Freckles wants to know if Belle likes to ride too!

Hopefully a Finished Object next post. Til then, have a great knitterly day.


Having a Knit Fitt said...

Delphiniums are so beautiful and it is too hot here to grow them.
So how many babies have you delivered this year?

Joan said...

My gawd! All those babies! Poor Lisa.
Garden looks amazing. Love all the reds, yellows & oranges. I need to add more of those colors in my gardens. We've had so much rain lately that the biggest growers in my garden are gigantic weeds. UGH.
Have a peaceful weekend, Lisa!

smariek said...

Mahogany is such a pretty colorway. Your garden is gorgeous. Mine (in the new house) is overgrown grass, healthy weeds, and a gazillion wasps(?) hovering over the grass.

Karin said...

Lisa, the flowers look beautiful! I am a huge fan of perennial flowers and lilies in particular. The scarf looks great, gotta get me some of that. DD is such a doll, and the pony in the pool made me snort coffee this AM - 'least I'm awake now :)!

Gail said...

Hi Lisa,

I was just up in Alaska last week for a cruise and your state is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the pics of the flowers. They are lovely.

Sarah said...

haha! both of my children are born in july 2 years and 6 days apart actually. We like to tell people that we like october ;)

And actually my birthday is June 29th and our wedding anniversary is July 20th. Makes for a busy summer.

SooZ said...

You've been busy! I hope you have a chance to come home to your beautiful garden.

I wrote to you in Elan 7/21 in the post about the biggest stash. I've not forgotten about you!


benne said...

Lisa, your garden makes me swoom! It makes me think of those glorious English cottage gardens, lush and full. The orange lilies remind me of my dad. He had the most beautiful ones, nearly six feet tall. They literally stopped traffic in front of his house. :-}

Belle does like to ride! She'd like to have her own horse and rider like Freckles. She gets to ride on the 4-wheeler. Nothing close to that pretty DD and handsome steed Freckles has as a ride.

Libby said...


You sure have been busy! Goodness gratious, all those babies! WOW

Your garden is gorgeous. I wasnt blessed with the green thumb, mine is more like yellow or red but its NOT green.


Anonymous said...

mom i love u