Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oldest UFO-Knitting Olymics Warmup

My oldest UFO has a good story attached to it...which may be why it still sits as a UFO...I might lose the "meaningfulness" of the piece. This UFO was my first attempt at cables (which I love) was also my first attempt at knitting with a "cotton" yarn (i.e...not nice soft stretchy wool)...and my first attempt at seaming.......and the subject of my very first post/question in a knitting chatsite (Elann about 3 years ago!

You may notice and admire the sweet little cable detailing at the V-neck, sleeve edges, and "mudflap" bottom stylish n'est ce pas?

This pattern from FCEK, Nov 04, in "Sausalito" by Plymouth was so easy-peasy, yet trying to seam with the Sausalito sucked like a big monkey!

The seams looked very "homemade", not even, not nice or flat or anything. (It may have had SOMETHING to do with the experience level at the time) anyway...I posted a cry for help on the chatsite and received lots and lots of good information. Shoot, that sweet lil Bets suggested dragging out the sewing machine and stitching it up that way! Which, by the way, I thought was anathema to a knitted garment. So naive.

But first I had to "unstitch" all the seams I'd started with. In doing so.....i must have started unraveling a ball-change end instead of a "seaming length" end......because........


And at the time, I didn't have the skill set (Kitchener/grafting) to make it better. So I popped the whole darn thing into a plastic container, extra balls of yarn and all. And there it sat under my desk....for the past 3 years or so........Until Miss Libby..coughcough...otherwise known as Miss SausageFingers these days, came up with the KO warmups now I have officially 17 days to finish this bad boy. And since I still really like it....and I'm back down to the size I was when I started knitting it....I'm thinking it's very very doable and will be a nice little wearable top this fall! Thanks for the nudge SausageFingers! My goal is to be finished with this by next weekend! Happy knitting :)


benne said...

You are a determined woman. Good quality for a midwife. ;-} I'm afraid I wouldn't have the heart to finish after that much time. I'm cheering you on!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

17 days? You should be able to do it in about 1.7 hours! Can't wait to see the picture of you in your FO.

junior_goddess said...

Hah. It's the pagan, here. I sewed up a UFO yesterday. And it was crooked. And I left it. This morning, I had a PBJ, and I didn't make my own jelly, either.

(Don't tell the rest of the knitting community, but it's only clothing.)

Excuse me, I have to go roll around in my stash naked again. ;-)

DH said...

Why don't you roll naked in your stash? DH would really like that!

smariek said...

I like the cable v-neck detail. Can't wait to see it finished. I'm trying to finish a baby blanket for the KOW, and I think I have until July 6 to finish (but I really need to get it done by July 22). Not much progress so far. Eeks!