Wednesday, March 07, 2007

KPS Silver Thaw & Kiri Nagalong

Kiri Nagalong Day 7-----Sadly, no further progress to date. However, I do have a valid excuse. Honest!

This has been my primary focus for the past 2 days. 8a-5p, and then I had to go back to my office for about 3 hours afterwards:

OK....i know...uck...ish....but this happens to be one of my personal soapboxes. I treat so many STD/STIs each week.. I also teach classes/facilitate groups on STD/STIs and HIV. Prevention through Treatment. Risk/Harm Reduction. The whole nine yards. I have an enormous clear glass cookie jar on my desk filled with free condoms, that I refill regularly thank you! I embarass DD (but she loves it..really) by giving her friends impromptu lectures on this stuff (along with contraception.......remember this: the average age of first act of intercourse in the US has moved over the past 20 years from 17 yrs to now 14-15 yrs of age. The adolescent thinking has not changed yet from concrete to abstract, therefor they absolutely are not yet fully able to fathom the consequences of their actions. Hell, I know 40 year olds that still think that way. Maybe someday I'll show you my Queen Chlamydia outfit...complete with crown made of inflated condoms and sceptor topped with a golden glitter coated speculum. One of the more colorful cast of characters when I teach to youth....but again...I digress. Besides enjoying the content and updating my knowledge of the latest CDC treatment recommendations by attending excellent conferences, I use this time for POWER KNITTING!!

Hence.......May I present the KPS Silver Thaw... can see she still needs to be blocked, the ends woven in........and...well, if you click to enlarge the photo, you will probably notice a pretty purple glass bobble hanging on the front....what could that be.......perhaps a hand made stitch market that got knitted in and I was too many rows past to go back......goodbye little purple stitch marker....i made you many years ago and you have served me well. Now I will snip your ring and recycle your bead to mark another repeat..another day.'s worse than you think. You see, I ended up making it TOO FREAKIN BIG!!!!!!!!

How the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICK did that happen? Because dork that I am, I did not try it on. Double dork that I am....I used the same measurements I've made all my other sweaters with.......the last one was ummm...over 25 pounds ago. Yeah, I've lost 30lbs (+/- 2) since last September. And my skirts and pants have had to be replaced. And I had to get new bras. And I bought a fitted a size 10 which is still snug...but not gaping or uncomfortable. So why did I not even think to measure and go down at least a size on the pattern. Looking on the bright side....I know two girlfriends who would look marvelous in this....I'll do the finish work, weave in the ends, snip out the a nice blocking job and make someone a lovely gift of it. C'est la vie! (hey...when it doesn't fit because it's too big...that's a good thing. Besides, it only took 5 skeins of the Silver Thaw, I still have 5 left....and I LOVE this stuff!)

So, on to Kiri tomorrow! Don't forget to leave me a nag :)


CatBookMom said...

Dahlink, you look MAHvelous!! You really do look so pretty, and it must be such a shock to find out that you've made your sweater too big! Knit that Kiri!

About the STD/STI/sex ed? Well, this is one of my personal hot buttons, and we won't go there in the interest of not burning up the internet. I spent 2 years working as a volunteer at Planned Parenthood, and I've been a fervent supporter ever since. If you need me to come hold some dimwitted bureaucrat who won't vote for funding, LMK. We'll take turns holding him and hitting him.

Grace Yaskovic said...

Wow lisa, the sweater is gorgeous, I love the colors on you, so glad you have enough to make another. As for Kiri if you need me email me, I'll help via long distance all I can!

Les said...

Love your silver thaw. Nice rustic striping. It will make a nice sweater for layering under. A good day off, running errands kind of comfy sweater, you know. That's a lot of work to give away!!
Now, go grab that Kiri before you forget which row you are on or notice an error (like I did on a sweater back yesterday)and have to rip it back to the bottom ribbing!! Ha!

SK said...

Lisa: nice comfy sweater, don't give it away. It looks nice on you. Love your earrings, too. It won't take you long to finish that kiri. You still have three weeks, I know you will get it done.

benne said...

Lisa, that sweater looks like something to wear when those cold winds blow and you want to be warm but look good. Is the stitch marker your own personal version of knitting with beads. ;-} I am an absolute vigilante about STD's. Just ask my daughters. Good for you, get the knowledge out there. About that Kiri, if you don't love it, don't knit it. But that said, you have done a lot of work on it, and it would make a good gift if the colors don't work for you.

mehitabel said...

Great feeling to have that done, I'll bet. And, if it's really too big, give it away and make a smaller one for yourself! I'm a process knitter myself so I don't mind making something and giving it away--in fact I have very few things I've kept.
Now, go knit on Kiri. And I'll pick up Birch, which is her Evil Twin, and try to make some progress on her too (sometimes I refer to her as Birch with a T)

Anonymous said...

WAIT just a minute! You lost 30# since last September? What? HOW? I really want to know. The sweater looks great on you, and I don't think it's too big, unless you were going for a very form fitting look. I would want to show off my figure, if I were you!

daryl said...

Ah yes, my favorite part of continuing education is indeed the absolute bliss of mindless knitting time. No guilt and eddification to boot! Great job wtih the Silver Thaw, you are tempting me mightily and go work on your Kiri.

Jamie said...

Lovely sweater! Just plain gorgeous! And it's unique and fits your colors so well.
Love reading your blog! You do great knitting up there in the north!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Big Conga Rats on the 30 pounds! And happy to know you have enough yarn to knit yourself a smaller sweater.



Joan said...

ONLY 5 sks of Silver Thaw? Have you calculated that gift yet? Were it me looking for any excuse to knit a shawl I am ambivalent about, I'd frog the sweater & do it again 2 szs smaller. You knit it so quickly the first time that you'd be wearing it before any sign of Spring.

jayne said...

Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Lookin' great, girl!

I made a sweater too huge once (it was my first sweater). Not knowing to be scared, I got creative with a serger, and it worked out fine. But if you're feeling generous, one of your friends will be thrilled. It's a beautiful sweater. And hey - you can make yourself a SMALLER one, for svelte you.

You crack me up regularly with your job-talk. Keep it coming.

Oh yeah...and I would be inclined to leave the purple bobble on for a bit, just to see if anyone notices. :)