Sunday, January 21, 2007

oooohhh this is nice stuff!

Lonely "Only"I found a lonely only ball of Cascade "Only" , 100% merino.....I honestly don't even remember when or why I bought it in the first place..but it's my favorite color(s)---greens--there's about 109 yds....I know I said no more of the fast and dirty one skein wonders but OMG I started playing around with this stuff and it is soooo nice and cables up like a total dream. I had no idea it was going to look this good knitted up. So this will be the cute little cable'd headband from "101 One Skein Wonders" which is basically just a flip through convenient book of patterns you already know that are free on the web, or there are ones just like them out there....but good stashbusting reading nonetheless. There SHOULD be enough yarn to make a couple of these. I love the I-cord edging. I will probably line the next to skin/over ears side with polar fleece just cuz it's nice. Keep one for me and hold one back for future giftiness is the plan. (and yeah, I know the floor needs sweeping and the toilets need cleaning...but...I think I'll just knit a little while longer thank you!


CatBookMom said...

The Slanted Eyelet Scarf I posted about on my blog is a perfect one-skein project. The first time I made that I'd just bought a lonely singleton skein of Cascade's Suri Alpaca and then found the pattern a few days later in the new 2006 calendar. 100 yards makes a shortish scarf, but oh so wonderful for me, with my 15in minus waist length!

Verification word is 'soywh' - Soy what??

Lisa W. said...

That is so funny you mentioned the slanted eyelet scarf...i just finished one in a gorgeous colorway of just "one" skein of an unknown mohair and metallic mixture. It's "VERY" short, though, so I will use it as a neckwarmer type accessory with a nifty brooch DH gave me for anniversary this year. Will post pics of it soon! Love the yarn but it was gifted to me by a non knitting friend and the ballband was gone...and i cannot match it up with anything I've seen on the net!

Anonymous said...

My word is hsftyiu


I like quick and dirty projects-makes the yarn feel useful!

Vamanta said...

Please tell me to go mop the kitchen floor.

Love the yarn! It's heathery & looks oh-so-soft.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, catching up on your last two posts. I love all these projects. You're really plowing through your yarn goal. The headband looks like it will be super cute in that yarn.

And the SWS mitts are deevie (divine). Gotta make me some of those. I love SWS.

Hmmm..don't forget that the Kitchen Sink Sweater is a great way to use up a whole lotta little bits.