Saturday, November 25, 2006

mmmm Coffeebeans and B&B and Woodbison oh my!


It's Highland Wool Chunky in "Coffeebean Brown"...and it's the back to another new sweater for the midwife.

Midwife reads everyone gloating about their new SUKY over at, and goes and has a little pity party of her own. But she remembers that she still has LOTS and LOTS of yarn. She goes stashdiving and her hands graze over the mohair and the silk and the laceweight and the sockyarns...what oh what can she do? Huh..what's this...wooly squishy goodness...soft...almost velvety...let's look in the weak winter's some old chunky hiland wool originally purchased for a cably cropped cardigan....not that that would be flattering or anything..cropped and all. And then....the clouds lift...inspiration! This is about the same gauge/weight as Zen...and there was huge success with a green Zen (also purchased from cardi a few years ago. Do I STILL have that pattern...of's the cover from Vogue spring/summer 03....and I have all the Vogues back to it was just a bit of digging...

a few hours knitting and Voila'. I think it's turning out quite well so far..and will be a great wardrobe booster...(cuz i might just embroider some little adornment around the wrists and neck with some of that Devon steeping in the corner. This will be the project du week. And just as a's a shot too of the 3yr old zen cardi in the very same pattern....(i cannot believe i am knitting this pattern again...i NEVER do that..but this is a great pattern,easy to follow...and tre's whatever.)

The B&B is seamed except for one underarm and side...which i guess makes it only about half seamed...and then BENNE...thank you very much..says...what about 3 needlebindoff for the long seams...(she was looking at her B&B I bet) couldn't have said it yesterday or the day had to wait until AFTER I'd gotten one seam i finish seaming in the tedious old fashioned invisible seam way that works for me time and time again...but is tedious...or do i rip out that one seam and attempt Benne's innovative 3 needle side seam bindoff? Stay tuned...there'll be an FO within the week.

Woodbison...Schoeller Esslinger Merino Soft....also purchased years ago from ( i really don't get out shopping very IS my LYS)...that started out as a Rowan pattern pullover for kicked under the bed...pattern mistakes....knitting mistakes.....that's what i love about's really just can pull it all out and start over! i did...and doubled it...and knitted up some handy dandy fingerless mitts for stocking stuffers for DH! So cute these very own design...(she blushes modestly)..OK , they are just knockoffs of other really talented people's design...with their basic pattern...but no cables, just some knit/purl stuff for texture. But I think the man will like them.

Modeled just for today by the fabulous Grandma Clara...who just can't understand why i wouldn't go ahead and make a full mitten or glove....oh well.

Today we are having our family photos taken. The photog will be here in an hour or so. Guess,I'd better shower, and get some semblence of gussied up. I'd rather (if i had my rathers) just hang out in my clean house and knit and reorganize the yarn room. Thanks for all of your comments. I enjoy hearing from everyone. There's so much that connects so many of us. And connection is really what it boils down to!


Grace Yaskovic said...

ohhhLisa no pity party, I oohed and ahhed over the SKY and went back to my acrylics and patons classic wool!!! Someday the SKY will have their moment in the sun but not today!

benne said...

I love that new espresso brown cardi. I've always liked that pattern. Of course, I haven't actually MADE that pattern. ;-} Sorry it took me so long to think of 3-needle bindoff. Jeez, it must have been percolating for oh, about 10 years or so. Quick as a flash, I am!

junior_goddess said...

"I don't think there's a damned thing wrong with reknitting a successful garment" said the woman who has a really big stash of back issue VKs.

I bought SKY to pair with other yarns and stash bust. Good excuse, huh??