Friday, October 27, 2006


Home Sick (cough cough) today.

Stayed home yesterday and today both...a little cough..a little sore throat... a little fever...a lot of accrued sick babies due for at least three weeks (after 5 births this week alone one would hope to take a lil' break)....the midwife takes time off. But being the ADD type i can't just lounge around enjoying myself...gotta do laundry...gotta cook...and of course....gotta knit and putter around the yarn room.

Finished up the MD baby sweater and hat (modified from baby hat in Stitch N Bitch) set for midwife colleague Sara who had baby Lucille about 6 weeks ago. This is in Plymouth Encore (75% acrylic/25% wool) from stash leftover from slipper sox for DD 5 years ago...used up every last bit of it!

Blocking is the Sensational Shirttail from Arans & Celtics knit in Schoeller Stahl Wonderwool Tweed-avacodo purchased in 2/06 from (my favorite yarn store ever) It really isn't as sheer as it looks blocking. It was a good basic cable pattern, well written, easy to follow. I "think" it's going to fit well. Seaming will be the course for the weekend.

Pulled out some oooooolllldddd stash...very rustic Plymouth Rodeo...100% wool, but soft and lofty. I have about 600m....any ideas for what the heck to make with this impulse buy will be appreciated.

Also eyeballing some new stash...beautimous silk/mohair cherry tree hill...just enought for maybe a small lacy shawl? swallowtail? any ideas? seduced by the shiny variagated stuff yet again.

Winter has arrived at chez midwife..blustery blowy snow yesterday...still more today. traffic advisories...54 accidents yesterday per police reports....this is alaska people...get with the program and slow the hell down. I hate the first couple of snowfalls....and no...i didn't get everything cut back in the garden..sigh. with any luck it will melt off in the next few days and I'll get to bedding down the garden next week or the next...or maybe in spring..hahaha
Basically if it doesn't thrive on benign neglect, it doesn't live in the midwife's garden.

Pearl got a haircut. She gets shaved about every 10-12 months. She tolerates a little brushing here and there from me...but with my schedule...i miss a few...and then she reaches a critical hair mass and ....ppptpttptptthtthhhhtththt...she felts into one huge head to tail mat. Groomer Debbie just shakes her head, shaves her down, leaves a tail tuft for grooming. If it gets too cold Pearl wears her own little sweater. No she doesn't fight it but she does get a little agitated trying to groom it. I only put it on her when its super cold (like below zero) though as she snuggles up in beds or in Grandma Clara's room (147 degrees) otherwise.

Made the BEST MEATLOAF of my life the other night...with GROUND TURKEY and shredded APPLES of all things! Topped with a balsamic vinegar/brown sugar/dijon mustard glaze...soooo yummy...and so low fat/low calorie...important as the midwife tries to regain her svelte pre-menopausal habitus. Will happily share the recipe on request.
Speaking of Meatloaf....saw him on the Today show this morning....hmmm....hard to reconcile this "old guy" with the fellow belting out "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" and supporting actor in the Rocky Horror Picture Show...of course it's hard to reconcile mid-life midwife with the toast tossing time-warping costumed participant of RHPS so many decades ago.....


Grace Yaskovic said...

I must have the recipe for the turkey meatloaf, I stopped eating beef because of menopause related problems and I miss meat loaf

needles54atoptonlinedotnet thanks Lisa

Love all of your pictures!

Les said...

Good job getting those projects finished! Your cable sweater is going to be gorgeous all assembled. Did you like the yarn? I have a little in my stash but I think I must have had hats in mind - not enough for a sweater.
Hey, I'd love the recipe for the meatloaf. Bet the apple is nice in it. Turkey is so low fat that it gets pretty "firm" without something mixed in there! I have one -that is delishious but not low fat I could send you - It is rolled up and has spinach and swiss cheese in it. Quite yummy!

Les said...

Oh, you might need my addy!!
lespatt79 at telus dot net