Thursday, October 26, 2006

In trying to add links, I totally wiped out some of the programming code on the sidebar. Major remodeling is in order, so am trying new things over the week.

New knitting this week!
a) Churro for DD in SWS Natural denim
b) Fibertrends worldfamous Felted Slippers, again in SWS Natual Earth-slightly under 3 balls for women's size large, these felt down a LOT more than you anticipate. I wear a size 9 shoe and these are a little small for me. DD has run off with them.

Old knitting this week:
a) FINISHED (except for blocking, seaming, little things like that) Sensational Shirttail from Arans & Celtics in Wonderwool Tweed-photos to come soon.


CatBookMom said...

My sympathies for the HTML problem. The book I bought ages ago is still sitting by the computer, waiting for me to work up enough annoyance to tackle the items on my Fix It! list. Great pictures, and your SWS items turned out beautifully!

junior_goddess said...

I like the slippers.

And copy your template sidebar to a spare page---as backup!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Thanks for the SWS tip. I bought some a couple of weeks ago with the intention of felting a purse, so it's good to know how quickly it felts.

Lisa W. said...

Thanks Trish..I think she and the slippers turned out least so far!
Bets I was able to retrieve the link addresses from the email you sent me. They are saved and waiting for me to plug into this template.
CBM what book did you end up buying...I thumbed through blogging for dummies but didn't want to spend actual (yarn) money on it. I just wonder how deep I want to delve and don't want to invest unless this turns out to be as addicting as the knitting.