Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I'm really not a curmudgeon. I enjoy seeing kids in costume, I enjoy seeing pets in costumes too. But I get soooo very annoyed when this semi-holiday invades my work environment. I do pay attention to what our "management" wants to do. I do believe in enjoying your work. But...come on folks, this is a healthcare environment for crying out loud. Every last person (excepting moi) is in full costume, make-up the whole nine yards. There are spiderwebs, cackling witch noises, spooky noise makers (crap I can hardly hear fetal heart tones the spooky noisemakers are so loud)and a total boatload of candy everywhere you look. I just did a nutrition group yesterday! I have 3 patients with gestational diabetes! Good god what are these staff members thinking. It's not even 10am and I see people eating a half dozen snickers minis. If you were seeing your healthcare provider today....how would you feel about the whole "decked out for halloween" business? Just sign me...grumpy in Alaska this morning.


junior_goddess said...

I think "decked out for Halloween" in a professional environment means a scarf or pin. And a bowl of candy.

SooZ said...

Soft smile. Life is full of challenges!